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Cloud Services

Why Hire Us For Cloud Services

Synkrama Technologies provides faster and simpler access to a cloud that delivers computer networks with the flexibility to adapt cloud services for your business. We had served many reputed partners and we feel happy to say that we had successfully achieved another milestone and named one of the best cloud computing service providers.

We have many corporate partners that utilize our cloud computing solution to introduce applications such as CRM, database, and data storage. Our cloud developers are highly experienced which as a result we have a proven track record with our partners. By using our cloud computing services, and in order to simplify--share and protect content which enables access from any web-connected devices.

We are a leading Cloud computing solutions provider helping business organizations of any large or small scale industries. At Synkrama Technologies we have a solution-based approach to ensure that we are supporting our partners to build a strong cloud strategy working for the business of today and tomorrow. Our cloud computing is highly advanced which allows users to access data, applications, and services over the internet by eliminating the requirement for expensive hardware such as hard drives which allows users to work from anywhere. We are committed to delivering the best cloud solution for your business which is result-oriented.

Scale, Speed & Dexterity

More Scale, Speed & Dexterity

Our cloud computing solutions make our partner's business more responsive and efficient. By utilizing our SAAS technology it has helped to decrease the annual maintenance cost and increase productivity. Synkrama Technologies can help to control any solution on the most popular and reliable cloud storage.

Microsoft Azure                          IaaS

Amazon Web Services              PaaS

Google Cloud Platform             SaaS

Cloud Transformation

Cloud Transformation

Every successful effort in digital transformation relies on Big Data, it is one of the fastest and efficient ways to implement Big Data on cloud technology. We help our partners to integrate and deliver the best cloud services you manage data for your Machine Learning. We ensure a continuous process of a high-load system with Architecture, DevOps and delivery.

Our Skills and Expertise


Windows Azure

Developed by Microsoft, Windows Azure is one of the finest of technological expertise to get the work done for you. All the advantages and facilities delivered by Azure needs to be controlled by experts- so it can deliver the best with the minimum costs. At Synkrama Technologies we used the benefits of Windows Azure roping in our illustrious relationship with Microsoft.


Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading market leader of cloud computing service despite there being few strong competitors in the market. But AWS has always appealed to the market with its vast ecosystem of partners and with conventional enterprises are also moving production workloads to AWS cloud services. The professionals at Synkrama Technologies are highly skilled and experienced to bring out the maximum output from AWS to build the best IT infrastructure for your business.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is one of the wide-spread Cloud Computing services offered by the US software giant, Google. Although Google Cloud does not serve the maximum services what Azure or AWS offer but, Google Cloud has always helped the enterprises to shift production workloads on Google Cloud system. The platform provides various services like storage, networking, Big Data, and many other services that run on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end users like Google Search, YouTube, and Gmail. Our experts at Synkrama Technologies are highly experts to bring out the maximum output from Google Cloud, to modernize your business working infrastructure.