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saas application development services

Areas of Expertise

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is one of the fastest-growing business models worldwide, transforming operations and elevating the customer experience. Our experienced SaaS teams have spent more than a decade empowering global B2B, B2C, and B2B2C enterprises and startups with robust, secure, scalable solutions built with leading-edge technology.

We provide a highly secure platform to our partners for their business data with minimal cost and great outcomes. Our highly qualified professionals ensure greater ROI with no data related disputes. Our strategic professionals work along with SAAS developers who can guide you best to fetch your products to the SAAS model.

Synkrama Technologies is a leading SAAS application development company that has served a wide range of SAAS applications to multiple reputed companies, and also our work has shown a positive impact on the business of our clients. Our development process includes testing, designing, and development with other apps. We are not limited to this, we also serve data collection and create predictive analytics as well.

Research and Analysis

Research & Analysis

Our highly developed custom software development services start with quality research and analysis. We take all the important information and we also understand the whole business model to ensure the best would come out from it.

We collect little information and that process includes:

- Requirements documentation
- Requirements controlling plan
- Requirements traceability matrix

Our high-end process ensures stability, quality, and a long term plan which ensures to secure the futuristic challenges. We had set a few important parameters in quality which assures guaranteed results that is why we are one of the best reputed SAAS development consulting service companies.

Designa and Architecture

Design And Architecture

Our experts analyze your requirements and work in the most efficient ways which are designed to fit your business needs.

We’d like to hear and a few project specifications from you:

- Prototype database schema
- Architecture diagrams include the information of software blocks for your web or mobile platform
- Complete information of deliverables at each development phase
- This information helps us to shape further roadmap as per your business needs and development

Execution and Development

Execution & Development

Our team professionals finalize the blueprints on the table before the final start. Using all the latest technologies, as per tools and platforms outlined our experts start to work accordingly. We update our clients with every step, the first level of the target is completed once the Alpha version of the product is given for review.

- Rolling beta version
- Product testing
- Observing and maintaining operations during peak loads
- Improving with modifications



After the final testing is done, the official version is released with a 100% stable version. Depending on the system’s complexity, there is also a possibility to release in several stages or to release first in the particular region followed by the next. As per requirement we also offer training sessions to users, and that goes through the extensive supporting documentation together. We assure you get the best you deserve.