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Custom Software Development Services

Delivering Quality Advanced Custom Software Development

Synkrama Technologies is one of the well-recognized software development companies specializing in desktop, mobile, and web app design & development. Since 2014, we are on a mission to build unique and innovative digital products that put an industry to achieve the top-notch services across various platforms including healthcare, hospitality, and automotive. We have a team of professionals, who are experts in designing and developing custom software development services that glee users and drive ROI. We are one of the best with reliable software development partners globally.

Synkrama has grown into a team of professionals capable of addressing clients’ business challenges by providing custom software development services. Our team has a proven track record in developing custom software solutions for reputed and large organizations, mid-sized and small companies across the globe. We utilize modern technologies and advanced approaches like Agile to accelerate the time-to-market of your applications with a focus on delivering powerful, scalable, and cutting-edge software solutions.



Discovering Requirement

First, we discuss your custom software development project in detail. Once we understand your business working conditions and users, we create façades for each user type and work for organization requirements. Our experts draft user stories to set our process in motion.


Building Strategies

Before we move to further solutions, we build strategies as per the working conditions/flow of the company. By moving quickly, we discover and fix problems early and have the development and design teams working collaboratively. We believe Custom-made software is always perfectly adapted to match your demands.


Designing Prototype

Our UX team made an experimental model based on research and observation of a proposed solution. The method is used to validate ideas, design assumptions, and other aspects of its conceptualization quickly. The process gives perfection in the outcome and minimizes errors if found.



Once the design is finalized and the blueprint is ready, we begin to build your custom app. Every day we hold a stand-up meeting to report what has been accomplished, what we intend to accomplish by the next meeting and anything that stands in our way. We develop suitable yet efficient custom software envelopment services, which is lower in cost & maintenance.



Before we launch your app, we run it through a final User Acceptance Testing process. We perform end-to-end testing with real-time users to ensure the complete system achieves your business goals. Our high-quality testing process ensures the best outcome you deserve.



After the final testing by the quality assurance team, your app is ready for launch!

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The objective of User interface design is to create the user experience and interaction with your system. We at Synkrama Technologies with our User experience design (UXD or UED) service enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the customer and the product.

Front End

Our engineers develop and modify front-end technologies that are responsible for everything the user sees on the screen. Front-end development provides configuration, optimization, and operation of all interface elements. Front-end technologies include: HTML/HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.


The Back-end is the server part of the application with which the user does not contact directly. Back-end stores and manages data, and is also responsible for the correct operation of the client-side. Back-end technologies include Operating system; Web server: Nginx, Apache; Programming languages: C#, Java, PHP, Python, and Objective-C.

Why choose us



Synkrama Technologies provides full transparency. We don’t like surprises and we’re sure you don’t either. Unlike other software agencies, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting with us. No up-selling.
· We are experienced and professional
· We ask, listen and learn about your business
· We are responsible and trustworthy
· Simply put, we care!



Since 2014 we are working in this business, we have a large multi-talented team, who are best in their business. We have hired trained professionals who have previously worked in various reputed companies. Since then our dynamic team is working hard to fulfill the needs of clients as per requirement. Simply, we work more than we speak!



A concerted and transparent relationship between a company and a client is key to a successful product launch. We are partnerships with multiple clients and we also deliver the best they deserve. Also, when it comes to building partnerships we are one of the best in our business because we believe success passes through strong partnerships we build.



When it comes to cost we charge only what we deliver, we build relationships with our clients. We consider clients as our partners, we only charge for what we do.
Synkrama is ultimately working with passion no matter how tough the work is, we are capable of everything that comes in. We know how crucial the pricing factor is specially for startups, therefore we offer one of the best cost-friendly solutions for your business.